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So instead of attempting to rebuild a ruby environment for Jenkins when I flattened and recreated my local lab setup I’ve decided to jump over to using hugo instead. This was mostly down to the fact that it’s a single binary and it’s hard enough to motivate myself into posting let alone when I need to fight ruby dependencies.


Install from repo.

apt-get install hugo


Import setup from jekyll

hugo import jekyll foo bar
Congratulations! 8 post(s) imported!
Now, start Hugo by yourself:
$ git clone bum/themes/herring-cove
$ cd bar
$ hugo server --theme=herring-cove

Choose a theme

For some reason hugo comes without a default theme. So one of the first steps will be to install one.

A show case exists at or there is an curated repo Clone one into ./themes and run

hugo server --theme=<THEME-NAME>

And unless you have any firewall shenanigans setup you will be able to view your site on

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