Compiling Textual

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Textual is a nice gui IRC client for osx for times when you want inline images and clickable links by default. You really should just fork out the 4 quid for it…

However since as it is open source, you just can compile your own copy for free. It’s a fairly simple procedure and even on a ye olde 2011 Macbook air only takes a few mins.

This guide assumes that you have git and xcode setup and installed.

Clone Source from GITHUB

mkdir ~/src
cd ~/src
git clone --recursive
(recursive pulls down all the submodules)

Setup Code signing certs

  • open the Keychain Access tool
  • Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant> Create a Certificate
  • stick your name in and select Code Signing as the Certificate Type
  • hit Create

Build Textual

  • Setup Textual use your certificate (replace ‘Your Name Here’ with whatever you entered into the code signing certificate)

    sed -i -e 's/Mac Developer/Your Name Here/g' ~/src/Textual/Resources/Build\ Configurations/Code\ Signing\ Identity.xcconfig

    Turn off licence management

          sed -i -e 's/TEXTUAL_BUILT_WITH_LICENSE_MANAGER=1/TEXTUAL_BUILT_WITH_LICENSE_MANAGER=0/' ~/src/Textual/Resources/Build\ Configurations/Shared\ Standard\ Release\ Configuration.xcconfig

  • Build it

    cd ~/src/Textual
    xcodebuild -scheme 'Textual (Standard Release)' build

  • If all succeeds then your app should be in ~/src/Textual/Build\ Results/Release/ and you can now copy it into ~/Applications if you so desire

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